Trayvon Martin

Race is an issue that I try not to discuss, or use when arguing any serious issue. I truly do not see race as anything more than a divisive force that a ruling class uses to maintain a distracted and confused proletariat. However, there are times when this society makes it impossible to avoid.

Thinking about Trayvon, I ask you to answer these two questions:

Why does an entire race of people in America feel so neglected by our police and judicial system that this case is causing such an uproar?

What does America have to do to change it?

The answer to these questions are not short or simple, and to answer them properly we have to know our complete history as a country. For those of you like myself who feel upset by the verdict of this case, I encourage you to become part of our democratic system as much as you are a part of the spectacle.

-Naeem Juwan