Spank Rock - Energy

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Energy (Produced By Boys Noize) - Energy (Produced By Boys Noize) - Single

Spank Rock – “Energy”

The heat is running out
The lights are burning cold
How long will they sleep
My hands are getting older
Teenagers with their thin hips swinging out the door
I lick my thinning lips
I get the hunger for…

I need new energy, I need new energy…

Don’t drink the water running
Don’t swim old corpse shore
Don’t get the wrong idea
They’re all lying whores
Sunshine shines intelligently gently fills my pores
I light the fire
I spill the oil, I spill the oil…

Please charge my battery
Energy’s down to my last CC
Remove the interface replace the 9V
Electricity like AC/DC
I need a jolt I want to see revolt
I want to be the current current running up your pole
So you can shoot the signal all around the globe
I bet you never felt a shock like this though
Look these niggers don’t know what to do
If I push it to the limit I’ma push it through
Cause if we in a box
I’m the sharpest tool
Keep it clean that’s the only rule
Fuel efficient ignition emission remains cool
From an infrared photovoltaic module
Don’t be a fool no man’s powerful
Nature is mother don’t make her remind you


Written by Spank Rock & Alex Ridha
Lyrics by Spank Rock
Mixed & produced by Boys Noize
Drums by Paul Taylor (recorded in Berlin)
Bass & lead guitar by Future People (recorded in LA)
Additional guitars & percussion by
Johnny Siera and Dan Walker of The Death Set (recorded in NYC)
Additional vocals by Stephanie (recorded in NYC)
Additional Bass, guitar & keys by Alex Ridha
“Energy” Artwork by Alex Da Corte